Outsourcing Can Reduce Your IT Costs by up to 50%

You don’t have in-house doctors, dentists or janitorial staff. So why do you need in house IT?

Service Overview

Organization with 50-200 employees need dedicated IT staff to service all of their needs. However, they don’t have the time, experience or expertise to hire and train IT staff. In many cases, there aren’t any established guidelines, tools and resources available to this staff to work optimally. In such situations, the best option is IT Outsourcing. It essentially means you transfer all the headache of your IT operations to a single IT Firm like Computer Experts. We then handle all aspects of your IT needs including, projects, IT planning, hardware/software deployments, and helpdesk operations.

Cloud Has Changed a Few Things

In the dark ages of complex IT, you really needed an IT guru close by to fix many onsite servers and applications. The introduction of cloud comping and virtualization has eliminated the need for large number of onsite servers. In fact, you can run a 200 user company with just two to three physical onsite servers. Shouldn’t this change in complexity reduce your IT costs? We think YES! Your onsite IT staff has less work but that does allow you to pay them less. This presents a great opportunity to consider IT Outsourcing.

In House IT Staff Management

Hiring, managing and retaining top IT staff is a full time job. You want to hire the best in the industry while providing them top benefits, growth opportunities and yearly pay increases.You especially have hard time if your IT department only consists of one or two IT staff. What if your IT person is sick or has to leave on an extended leave of absence? What if he/she leaves abruptly without much notice? These questions must but considered by the management in order to ensure business continuity and overall operational security.

Relax and Let it Go

We understand that changing IT providers and methods can seem like an intimidating task. We back all of our IT Outsourcing projects with a $10,000 written money back guarantee. This guarantee promises that your IT experience with Computer Experts will be equivalent or better than your previous IT staff. If you are ever unhappy, we will spend up to $10,000 to fix any issues or apply a credit towards your monthly service.

  • “Advanced Logistics provides innovative solutions for Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics to clients around the world. We have been working with Computer Experts since 2001 and it has been a very pleasant journey of success over the past 15 plus years. Both of the firms have grown tremendously over this period and our technology has evolved as well. Computer Experts has provided expert guidance and consulting throughout the years on the right equipment, servers and networking to accommodate our growth. I personally believe that you need a successful team in order to run a successful business. I will highly recommend Computer Experts as a great team player for any growing business.”
    Edward Cathcart – CEO Advanced Logistics

    Edward Cathcart
  • “Cell Energy is a distributor and direct retailer of all things batteries. We have been serving clients all over California since 1979 through our retail and warehouse locations. We started working with Computer Expert in 2011 when our previous IT firm was not able to provide us responsive support. We are in a retail industry and every minute of downtime can cost hundreds of dollars if not thousands. Computer Experts has overhauled our network over the years and have implemented a great Backup and Disaster recovery plan. I feel confident that our network is in good hands and can continue focusing on our company’s growth. “
    Tony Reyes – President, Cell Energy

    Tony Reyes
  • “We are a federal contracting firm and technology is crucial for our company. We currently have contractors working in 29 states so we are going to have people working remotely. Our VPN is probably the most important piece of technology for us. So if the service goes down, it pretty much stops our business. As a contractor we have so many other things going on and the last we want to do is to worry about IT services. My experience with the Computer Exerts team has been great. Whenever I speak to other businesses looking for IT solutions, I always recommend Computer Experts.”
    Shannon Dawson – Operations Manager, Spectrum Services Group.

    Shannon Dawson
  • “We have about 800 members but we help about 9000 employers in the state every year. Because we are covering the entire state of California, technology really plays an important part in us being able to serve our employers quickly. It’s wonderful that Computer Experts will help us out no matter where we are; on the road, in the office or in a satellite office. We pride ourselves on a two hour response time; and they pride themselves on less than a one hour response time. Computer Experts just makes life so much easier for me, I would highly recommend them.”
    Kim Parker – President and CEO,California Employers Association.

    Kim Parker
  • “Working with many previous IT companies; some of the various problems I experience were unresponsive, I never knew when they will show up, and not everyone that showed up was entirely knowledgeable about our system. I find that Computer Experts staff is available 24/7 if needed. I can reach them by phone, email and text. I really like that fact that I pay one reasonable monthly fee so I don’t have to worry about IT services getting out of control.”
    Susan Hill – Managing Attorney,Hill Law Offices P.C.

    Susan Hill

IT Outsourcing Vs. In-House IT Staff

    Service Areas / Challenges

  • 24/7/365 IT Support
  • Access to Variety of Subject Matter Experts
  • A Full Dedicated Team Instead of One IT Person
  • Consistent and Pleasant IT Experience Each Time
  • Coverage during Weekends and Holidays
  • One Flat Monthly Fee
  • Paid Sick Leaves
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Time Off
  • HR Regulations
  • 401K Benefits
  • Medical / Dental Benefits
  • IT Staff Equipment / Laptops / Phones
  • Staff Hiring / Retention Challenges

    Computer Experts