Microsoft Exchange by Computer Experts

If you are not using Exchange, there’s a good chance your competition is.

Microsoft Exchange Overview

Microsoft Exchange is a well-known communication tool offered by Microsoft for over two decades. Microsoft Exchange is the go-to communication tool for the corporate world along with a large percentage of small businesses. It allows anytime anywhere access to a user’s Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks along with other benefits.

Cloud and On-Premise Options

Microsoft Exchange is a very flexible tool which can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Many small organization will find it beneficial to use a cloud hosted edition and pay a per user monthly fee. Larger organization with IT resource find it more affordable to host it onsite and not worry about paying a per user monthly fee.

Do You Need Exchange

Microsoft Exchange offers a tremendous productivity boost to its users over traditional email. If you are not using Exchange, there’s a good chance your competition is. Your organization definitely needs Exchange if your communications are heavily dependent on Email.

Exchange by Computer Experts

Computer Experts employs Certified Microsoft Experts that know exchange in & out. Whether you need on-premisesExchange or Cloud edition, we can take care of it all. We provide support for local Exchange servers along with offering Hosted Exchange solution at an affordable price.

  • “Advanced Logistics provides innovative solutions for Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics to clients around the world. We have been working with Computer Experts since 2001 and it has been a very pleasant journey of success over the past 15 plus years. Both of the firms have grown tremendously over this period and our technology has evolved as well. Computer Experts has provided expert guidance and consulting throughout the years on the right equipment, servers and networking to accommodate our growth. I personally believe that you need a successful team in order to run a successful business. I will highly recommend Computer Experts as a great team player for any growing business.”
    Edward Cathcart – CEO Advanced Logistics

    Edward Cathcart
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    Tony Reyes – President, Cell Energy

    Tony Reyes
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    Shannon Dawson – Operations Manager, Spectrum Services Group.

    Shannon Dawson
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    Kim Parker – President and CEO,California Employers Association.

    Kim Parker
  • “Working with many previous IT companies; some of the various problems I experience were unresponsive, I never knew when they will show up, and not everyone that showed up was entirely knowledgeable about our system. I find that Computer Experts staff is available 24/7 if needed. I can reach them by phone, email and text. I really like that fact that I pay one reasonable monthly fee so I don’t have to worry about IT services getting out of control.”
    Susan Hill – Managing Attorney,Hill Law Offices P.C.

    Susan Hill

Microsoft Exchange Benefits

    Key Features

  • Anywhere Anytime Email Access
  • Access Email Via Mobile Devices
  • Access Email Over the Web
  • Sync Contacts, Tasks, Calendars & Mailbox
  • Sync Data to All Devices at Once
  • Access Outlook from any Web Browser


  • Share Calendars with Teams
  • Create Shareable Department Calendars
  • Setup Public Folders for Collaboration
  • Create Sales and Support Email Boxes
  • Create Customize Distribution Lists
  • Share and Sync Company Calendars

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